To-Do tab represents a list of items and serves as a scratchpad or to do list. An item can be added by double-clicking on empty line or from contextual menu. It can be changed by double-clicking on an item or from contextual menu.

The C column displays status of item completion,

The ! column indicates item priority;

Category - item category;

Caption - item name;

Date Add - and time of item creation;

Date End - date and time of completion.

Contextual menu has the following commands:

Add - displays "Add To-Do Item" dialog with fields corresponding to columns mentioned earlier on this page, plus commentary field which provides commentary on an item.

Add Copy - adds a copy of existing item to a list. Displays "Add To-Do Item" dialog which already has fields pre-filled with properties of copied item.

Edit - edits an item;

Delete - deletes an item;

Show Completed Items - - displays/hides completed items;

Show Full Time - - if checked, displays time and date, otherwise date only;

Save As XML - saves a list in a file in Unicode XML format;

Sort - sorts items by one of the following criteria:

  • Completed
  • Priority
  • Category
  • Caption
  • Date Add
  • Date End
  • Items can also be sort by clicking on corresponding column header.