Search for of prosite patterns with statistical estimation

Input sequence for this program should be in fasta format with 80 or less sequence letters per line.

Method description:
The method is based on statistical estimation of expected number of a prosite pattern in a given sequence. It uses the PROSITE database (author: Amos Bairoch,1995) of functional motifs. If we found a pattern which has expected number significantly less than 1, it can be supposed that the analyzed sequence possesses the pattern function. Presented version 1 is the simplest version that search for patterns without any deviation from a given Prosite consensus. In the following version we will include this possibility. In the output of PSite - we can see a prosite pattern, its position in the sequence, accession number, ID, Description in the PROSITE database as well as Document number where is pattern characteristics outlined. It must be noted that patterns which started at the beginning or end of protein sequence will be recognized along the whole sequence in this version. It may be useful for analysis of ORF or 6 frame translation sequences.