Program for Identification of sub-cellular localization of Eukaryotic proteins: Animal/Fungi

ProtcompDB-AN combines several methods of protein localization prediction - neural networks-based prediction; direct comparison with updated base of homologous proteins of known localization; comparisons of pentamer distributions calculated for query and DB sequences; prediction of certain functional peptide sequences, such as signal peptides, signal-anchors, GPI-anchors, transit peptides of mitochondria and chloroplasts and transmembrane segments; and search for certain localization-specific motifs. It means that the program treats correctly complete sequences only, containing signal sequences, anchors, and other functional peptides, if any. The program includes separately trained recognizers for plant proteins, which dramatically improves recognition accuracy. The following table provides approximate prediction accuracy for each compartment of animal/fungal proteins. Testing was performed on a samples of proteins of known localization (~200 in each localization), which were NOT included in training samples for the programs.