Program for Identification of sub-cellular localization of bacterial proteins.

ProtcompDB-B combines several methods of protein localization prediction - Linear Discriminant Function-based prediction; direct comparison with bases of homologous proteins of known localization; comparisons of pentamer distributions calculated for query and DB sequences; prediction of certain functional peptide sequences, such as signal peptides and transmembrane segments. It means that the program treats correctly complete sequences only, containing signal sequences, anchors, and other functional peptides, if any.

For Gramm-positive bacteria proteins three locations are discriminated: Cytoplasmic, Membrane and Extracellular (Secreted).

For Gramm-negative bacteria proteins five locations are discriminated: Cytoplasmic, Membrane (Outer and Inner), Periplasmic and Extracellular (Secreted).

If bacteria type is not defined locations for Gramm-negative bacteria are discriminated.